The Croisan Scenic Trail and Skyline Trail are two woodsy "pocket trails" tucked into the neighborhoods of South Salem.  Each is about a mile long including branches and spurs, and the two can be linked by half a dozen blocks along quiet suburban streets.  These trails have easy access into adjacent neighborhoods and are frequented by joggers, dog walkers, bird watchers, hikers and the occasional mountain biker or bike commuter.  The Skyline Trail is contained within Skyline Park, an otherwise undeveloped City Park directly adjacent to Sprague High School, and the Croisan Scenic Trail follows the remaining unbuilt right of way of Croisan Scenic Way, starting near Schirle School and ending close to Nelson City Park on Croisan Creek Road.

The Croisan Scenic Trail originated as an informal "user" trail dating back to the 1970's, and the Skyline Trail was first constructed in 2012.  Both are now maintained through the volunteer efforts of SATA in cooperation with the City of Salem.